Zach Weinersmith’s Trial of the Clone

Zack Weinersmith, creator of “Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal,” revamps the choose-your-own-adventure shtick with a role playing edge in his release of “Trail of the Clone: an Interactive Adventure.”

Zach Weinersmith's Trial of the Clone

Zach Weinersmith’s Trail of the Clone an interactive Adventure

Many of us, generation X’ers, recall fond memories of our youth spent in the basements of our friend’s home. We were circled by books with monsters on the cover, threw odd shaped dice, and quenched our mighty thirst and hunger with endless streams of soda and convenience store snacks. (God, the yellow cheese at 7-11 still creeps me out!)

In those night long secessions, we took on evil enchantments and chatted with imagined gods. They were the days, when acne covered our faces and the only date we could get on Friday night was with a tree nymph, from a magical forest, controlled by one of our friends.

Yet the decades pass, Fight Club and Danny Darko have becomes classics, video game players have assumed the title of “Gamer,” and many of us won’t ever admit to owning a single Dungeon and Dragons or World of Darkness book, let alone the shelves full that once adored our bedrooms.

Though as we may deny how uncool we once were, there still remains a part of us that misses the grandeur of building a character, creating a back-story, and imagining the dull thud of an ax as it collides into the skull of a bridge troll.

Well for those of us who identify with the paragraph above, I humbly submit for your Hep Bookshelf: Mr. Weinersmith’s “Trial of the Clone: an Interactive Adventure.”

By interactive adventure, the title means that the book is a role playing game that you can do all by yourself. No friends needed and no one has to know you are role-playing outside of the bedroom. You can place it on a shelf and everyone will be none the wiser.

However once you crack the cover, get ready to be propelled back to youthful days. That is right, on page roman numeral “V” your character creation begins. Thus you conjure a clone who is made by the Mysterious Silene Monks, once a sacred order that has deteriorated into a lazy group of layabouts.

Though you are a clone, you are not exactly like the others. Your’s is a special fate that you will decide upon delving deeper into Weinersmith’s universe. What is the ultimate fate of your clone? The choices are your’s to make or to paraphrase He-Man:

“You have the Power!”

And while I can’t tell you how your individual adventure will go, I can say that the journey will be a fun and entertaining. From the Silene Monks, who are the product of Cheech and Chong crossed with jedi knights, to a presidential seal, that depicts a lion receiving money from special interests, “Trial of the Clone” is an interactive laugh riot.

With a tongue-in-cheek prose that is reminiscent of Douglas Adams, Weinersmith keeps you turning the page and choosing your next move, weather it be downing a hand full of shrooms or engaging your father in a duel to the death (wait aren’t you a clone?).

You can find all this and more in a handy porcelain sized book that’s ready to take the place of sodoku on the mantel of your bathroom throne. So go out and scratch your role-playing itch with a copy of “Trail of the Clone: an Interactive Adventure.

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