Buried Under Dust and Time

Five long-forgotten Artists/Albums

For the last few months I’d been meaning to write a short essay documenting five albums that are on the lowest end of the spectrum of commercial success and yet have been listened to, by me, with a certain frequency over the last five years.

This list is to be distinguished from something like Weezer’s Pinkerton, which is a prime example of a cult album made by a mainstream band (not being a Weezer fan I’m unfamiliar with it). This phenomena is not unfamiliar; there are lots of cult/lost albums by mainstream artists: the Cure’s Pornography, Lou Reed’s Berlin.

These are tiny, personal little records that are a brief escalator-ride in an artist’s career (also see Neil Young’s Tonight’s the Night). They are often recommended (by ‘rock snobs’) in conjunction with an admonishment to: “forget the other stuff and listen to this…” Some artists make this injunction easier by dividing their catalog in half, Rod Stewart is a prime example, in that there is a definite, historically documented turning point in his career.

What I’m looking for here is something very different from the “cult” album, which is accessible to anyone who happens to already be aware of the aforementioned bands. You might say that I’m looking for Continue reading