Cyprus and You

by Ian McLeod

Welp, this is the beginning of the end of the end.

As you may or may not have heard, Cyprus is “exchanging” shares in their banks for cash in a forced transaction that might, in saner times, be called “theft” but in our day and age, is just a bailout.  All bailouts are theft–whether from taxpayers or, in an unprecedented move, the “customers” themselves.

While my Economics For Fun And (Not Much) Profit series exists only as a distant memory in ANF’s previous incarnation, I’m pretty sure somewhere back there I made it clear that bailouts were the work of the Devil.  Or Cthulhu.  I’ve slept since then. Continue reading

Interview with Bryan Small ( from The Hangmen)

The Hangmen were formed in 1984 when frontman Bryan Small moved to Los Angeles from Idaho after attending Boise State University. From 84 to 88 the band developed a strong local following which resulted in a deal with Capitol, who released the band’s, now out of print, eponymous named debut album.

the Hangmen cover of East goes Western

The Hangmen

Since then, the Hangmen have remained relatively intact, their latest album East of Western is out now on Acetate records.

American NonFiction (ANF): So, what’s new with the band?

Bryan: Well the latest thing happening, with the new record coming out, about six months ago, is that we’re starting to get some airplay, which we’ve never had before -maybe back in the late eighties we did, a little bit. Little Steven’s show picked it up, then a bunch of other shows after that.

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