Zach Weinersmith’s Trial of the Clone

Zack Weinersmith, creator of “Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal,” revamps the choose-your-own-adventure shtick with a role playing edge in his release of “Trail of the Clone: an Interactive Adventure.”

Zach Weinersmith's Trial of the Clone

Zach Weinersmith’s Trail of the Clone an interactive Adventure

Many of us, generation X’ers, recall fond memories of our youth spent in the basements of our friend’s home. We were circled by books with monsters on the cover, threw odd shaped dice, and quenched our mighty thirst and hunger with endless streams of soda and convenience store snacks. (God, the yellow cheese at 7-11 still creeps me out!)

In those night long secessions, we took on evil enchantments and chatted with imagined gods. They were the days, when acne covered our faces and the only date we could get on Friday night was with a tree nymph, from a magical forest, controlled by one of our friends.

Yet the decades pass, Fight Club and Danny Darko have becomes classics, video game players have assumed the title of “Gamer,” and many of us won’t ever admit to owning a single Dungeon and Dragons or World of Darkness book, let alone the shelves full that once adored our bedrooms.
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The Lost Goddess By Tom Knox

History is a bitter mistress to those who seek to uncover her mysteries. “The Lost Goddess“, out today, is a fictional book about characters who risk their life and limb to drudge up the past and confront the outcome. Yet, while the story is conjured, the foundation is firmly set upon real world experiences.

The Lost Goddess

The Lost Goddess By Tom Knox

From the Author of “The Genesis Secret” and “The Marks of Cain“, comes a thrill ride adventure through the sordid nooks and crannies of our academic world.

“The Lost Goddess” is the story of “civilized” travelers and their journey to discover the truth from the villages and governments who want the world to forget.

The story opens in a remote part of France, where Julia Kerrigan, a young archaeologist, is at the end of a what seems to be a fruitless journey to find a reason behind her prolonged sabbatical. Though even as her hopes dwindle, her tools uncover what could be the find of her life. A trove of undiscovered skeletons, many with strange holes in the heads and ancient arrowheads riddled through their bones.

And in Cambodia, an equally lost soul Jake Thurby, who has been traveling the Jungles as a Photo-journalist, teams up with Chemda Tek, an American educated returning native, as she seeks to uncover the mysteries behind the Plain of Jars, where Pol Pot had knowingly sent many of his educated citizens into a live mind field. To discover the reason behind his motivation, the pair are set upon a deadly course.

Though it’s not long before tragedy strikes all around. Jake and Chemda arrive at their hotel to find a body hung in the doorway over a pool of blood. Back in France, Julia’s mentor is also viciously murdered. A demonic killer, born and breed on vengeance, lurks in the background and weaves the loom that threads together a history of violence that continues to their present.

Tom Knox, is the pen name of author and journalist Sean Thomas. And “The Lost Goddess” is a fictional narrative eloquently spiced with real life events. Knox has spent a career traveling the highways and byways of the Globe and collected more than a few story-ready gems along the way.

In the depths of Cambodia and Laos, Knox gained inspiration for his newest release from his fascination with the history of the communist Khmer Rouge regime, where one of the worst holocausts in history occurred. And of the curious impact of Pol Pot, years after his passing.

The dictator was the head of the Khmer Rouge organization who sought to stomp out religion from their country. Though when Knox returned to Cambodia, he found Pol Pot’s tomb had become a shrine. Thus the man, who intended to stomp out God, had become a deity himself.

Such is the theme that carries Julia and Jake through an unyielding adventure to question the very nature of religion and it’s effect on the human condition.

The Lost Goddess, Tom Knox’s new page turning thriller, hits shelves today. Don’t be the last one on your block to explore the world’s violent history through the eyes of a man who has seen the results.