About ANF

American NonFiction is a Binary Zine.

In the modern world, we understand the importance of word deffonition. Binary and Zine are essential to a truth of an About American NonFiction.

Zines have always been an important part of the American culture. The American Revolution was lit from Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense”. The rise of the Punk culture saw the value of small press as the small press has always been part of the resistance.

The middle ground between the guy in the street and the hard cover book or fully published magazines. Zines are the glue to uphold a community and the place to find the voice of truth or American NonFiction as we like to call it.

Binary is the language of computers and to this end, our words, songs, and all forms of expression can be placed on to a computer, converted to a language of on and off signals, and then reconverted for human interaction.

The world runs on Binary and we see no change in the future. We are at the footsteps of Tomorrow.
In the present, we face many hard truths. We have never learned to live in a reality based economic system.

Our way of life is hurtful to the planet and unsustainable. If our children are to make it, our generation needs to learn how to live on this planet.

By the year 2050, the U.N. Predicts half the worlds population will live in Mega cities. There is a long road ahead and in many ways, we are a country without a father figure to teach us the way.

These are the American NonFictions, we have to face.

There are many ways we could face the future. We could run around as if our heads had been chopped off and the sky was falling, or we could look at the world with a careful level headed approach.

We opt for the latter and plan to have fun along the way.

We have guides to help you become more active and learn. We have suggestions for your multi media world and we know a thing or two about a thing or two. We will always be here to keep you entertained and informed.

The internet has allowed the world to have a voice and we seek to keep that voice free. Now
that is what American NonFiction is about.

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